7 things you didn’t know you can pack in your carry-on

The holiday season is one of the busiest times of year to travel. After everyone has made their lists and checked them twice, there’s not much time to think about what can go in your carry-on bag and what needs to be checked. So we came up with our own list of pretty great things that can be placed in the overhead bin.

Ice skates or roller skates

It’s December—why would you travel anywhere without your ice skates? Simply showing up at the ice rink at Rockefeller Center during the holidays is a RomCom waiting to happen. Not into skating on frozen water? Roller rinks are popping back up all over the place, and if you’re talented enough to join a roller derby team you’re sure to get yourself a kickass nickname that Marcel the Shell would envy (if you don’t know who Marcel the Shell is please look it up on YouTube).  

Knitting Needles

I wish I was a more talented knitter (I can knit a scarf and nothing more). It certainly seems like knitting would be one of the more productive ways to pass the time on an airplane, and it doesn’t even require buying the inflight WiFi! Just make sure your circular thread cutters get packed in the check baggage. You can, however, have a pair of scissors that are smaller than four inches in your carry-on.

Bowling Ball

I do not own my own bowling ball, but I have friends who do. I’ll have to ask if they know they can lug those things through the airport on their next flight. Due to its weight, the bowling ball will most likely need to be stored under the seat in front of you and not in the overhead bin.


If you decide to travel with your parachute, it is suggested that you arrive 30 minutes earlier than normal as the parachute may need to be inspected by a Transportation Security Officer. And please, don’t forget to inspect your parachute when you’ve arrived at your final destination to ensure that it has been repacked properly!

Maple Syrup 

I am in agreement with Buddy the Elf and think that maple syrup can be paired with any (and every) dish. Bacon? Yes. Beer? Yes. Spaghetti? Probably, but haven’t actually tried that, yet. I actually traveled with maple syrup packets during my last trip.  At .96 ounces these packets are well under the 3.4 ounce liquid rule and as long as you pack it in a clear quart size resealable bag you’re good to go. I use these while running, but it’d be great to keep one on hand incase you find yourself eating breakfast and all they serve is the fake stuff.


I like to listen to music while traveling on a plane and one thing I do NOT like is having to untangle my earbuds after haphazardly stuffing everything back in my bag after going through security. Thankfully I have learned to wrap my earbuds around the PocketMonkey to save myself from that hassle. Plus, it’s always a pretty cool conversation starter with the person sitting next to you.


I put an asterisk here, and maybe should have titled this “6.5 things you didn’t know you can pack in your carry-on.” Ideally the WildCard should be packed in your checked bag. However, if you find yourself going through security with the WildCard in your wallet, you don’t have to lose the whole thing. One of the best features of the WildCard is the removable blade (I’m sure my mom wishes mine was always removed). In this situation you can simply remove the blade and you’re good to go. And don’t worry, we sell the blades separately if you do find yourself in that situation and need a replacement.


I have had long hair my entire life, and no matter how I wear it on a plane I always exit looking like I have bed head. Thankfully I have the Headgehog with me to comb through the mess before the fasten seatbelt sign has been turned off. The Headgehog is made out of stainless steel so I don’t have to worry about it breaking in my purse like those pesky plastic travel combs. I keep a lot of stuff in my purse, it’s kind of a dangerous place...

Hopefully this list will make your holiday traveling a bit easier, now that you know you CAN take all this great stuff in your carry-on! Just make sure not to drop your bowling ball on any toes! While these items do show up on the list of acceptable carry-on objects, TSA always has the final say.